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1. General Assessment Guidelines- Standard core knowledge questions - These questions must be answered 75% correctly to pass this portion of the test effective 01 January 2021.
2.Reassessment Policy- A trainee who scores less than 60% on the knowledge assessment fails the course and may not be reassessed. The trainee must repeat and pass the full WellSharp® training course before being certified. If a trainee’s knowledge assessment score is from 60% to 74%, one reassessment must be made available effective
01 January 2021.


Candidate must indicate which type of
BOP / Well Control  Certificate Course
(“Surface” or “Combined”) is required:

• Surface BOP certificate course is for the people who 
works with surface BOP Stack only

• Combined BOP certificate course covers both 
surface and  subsea BOP Stacks
Note: For the Unit of Calculation and Training Materials will be conducted in API field unit (field unit: barrel, psi, foot) only

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