Thankyou for a great course again
David Clinton)

Dear all,
Thank you for sharing the results and see you all again in 2 years. I had a wonderfull time joining the training
at Kuala Lumpur with PTTCO.
Afiqah Aziz)

Thank you June.
I will sent email to Jay, by the way he is an Excellent teacher and please keep me in formed
About the subsea well intervention course.
Kind regards,
Lorenzo Ferrari)

Hi June,
Thank you very much for the email. I thought your company's course was excellent, particularly Jay's instruction.
A big thank you to you all
Best regards
Nathan James Buksh)

Thankyou very much and please pass on my sincerest appreciation to Lex and Daeng
for once again providing me with excellent tutoriing. Your course is world class !!!
I look forward to attending your course again in 2015.
Kindest regards,
Rhys Wilson Cadman)

Greetings to you Daeng and all of the PTTCO team,
I wish to thank you again for the excellent training as well as your very kind hospitality.
We learned much and are putting it to good use.
Thank you again and best regards.
Teri Gullickson / Dale Knutson)

Dear Khun June,
Excellent Instructors at PTTCO School.
Thank you.
Regards, Chris Newton)

Hi June,
Excellent news!!! Thanks a lot. I was quite worried as I did have some doubts during the exams.
But thank god everything went well.
I want to thank my very good instructors, Mr. Lex and Mr. Daeng. Please pass them my best regards.
Thanks and take care..
Rajeswary Kandasamy)

June and Jay (Javeed),
Thank you for sending my results. I just wish I had done a bit better.
Hopefully next time when I come I'll be 100% healthy and do better (broke hand).
I am still currently in Bangkok with my family (wife, daughter, and mother-in-law).
I will return home to Udon Thani on Thursday evening.
So by the weekend I'll have the student comment form completed, scanned and sent to you then.
Again, thank you so much for making the class so enjoyable, informative, and appreciative for taking the time to explain
everything. This is definitely the best well control class I have taken since I've been working in the oil field.
Looking forward to returning and doing even better next time (two years, correct? @ when I need to take my refresher
Thanks again and have a great weekend,
Bryan Eric Tubbs)

To June and Jay that I would like to thank you all very much for
all of there time and helping to get my IWCF well intervention certificate? happy See you again in 2 years time?
Best Regards,
Douglas W. Jaster)

Thank You very much for your Compliments, off course I'm very Happy
too to have passed the IWCF again for the 2nd time!
Thanks also to our Course Leaders Lex & Daeng for their very valuable
guidance & wisdom.
Yes I look forward to joining your goodselves again in 2 years,
Insya'Allah (God-willing).
Very Best Regards,
Awg. Junaidi)

Thanks for the notification. Jay's teaching was commendable. See you guys in a year or 2.
Ming Zhu)

Hi Tanyarat.
That is very good news. Just wanting to let you know you have excellent instructors.
Thanking you
Michael Anthony Dempers)

Booking, administration and facilities are always perfectly organised!
Thank you Khun June, I’ll see you in another 2 years hopefully!
Best regards,
Alan Cordner)

Hi Khun June,  PTTCO IWCF  course  is the best I have been on in my career
so a credit to PTTCO and the instructor Mr. Jay.
See you again in 2 yrs time
Peter Pinfold)

You have good instructors and study material was well packaged.
Koi (
Khairudin Kamar)

Thanks again for everything, it was a struggle for me on Subsea this round, the worst
struggle I have had ever on well control, want to thank Lex and Sararit also for the extra time they put
in with me, I will be better preped in the next two years.
Thank you All
David  (
Dave Bennett)

Thanks for the information. The guidance supplied by PTTCO in this course was very helpful for this result.
Best regards,
Eduardo Arboleda)

Thank you June. I learned a lot from the IWCF course. Kindly extend my thanks to Lex Lim,  
he is a very good instructor, and to Ms Natty.
Looking forward to meeting you after 2 years.
George Basan)

I really enjoyed the classes and benefited a great deal from good instructors and well run training program by PTTCO.
Thanks again, I definitely recommend PTTCO to friends and co-workers.
Best regards,
Shahin (
Shahin Hayrapet)

I will definitely will be using the PTTCO ltd drilling school in 2 years time.
I can safely say that this was the best well control course I have attended.
The venue was excellent, the instructor & staff were superb throughout,
thus making the course very relaxed and enjoyable.
So if you don't mind please pass on my thanks to Lex the instructor.
Ian (
Ian mcpherson)

Thanks for the info. You will see me for sure again in 2 years.
I very much enjoyed the course again it was run very well and with great professionalism.
I have passed this on to our training department and recommended the use of PTTCO for well control training.
Thanks again June. See you in 2 years
Mike McLean)

Again it was a pleasure having done the IWCF with PTTCO once again.
Hope to see you in two years when I have to do it all over again.
Leonard Wayne King)

Taking this opportunity, please convey my sincere thanks to Mr.Lim and Mr.Daeng (Instructors) who helped & taught me
a lot during the training time.
I do hope to see you in next two years
Best Regards
Ngo Tuan Anh)

Thanks so much. An excellent team of people
Allister Bowen)

Tks too to Lex & other Instructor For being excellent teachers ...believe most of us enjoyed d classes..
Yes hopingly to do next IWCF in Bangkok.
Junaidi Awg. Abd. Razak)

Please thank Lex and the team again for me for all their help. I enjoyed attending the course in Bangkok,
it was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and hope to see you there again at the Emerald in two years time.
Many Thanks
Peter Thompson)

Hi June
As a none drilling person I have very little to do with Well control in my daily work (sitting behind a computer)
and take the course for my own education.
In the last 33 Years I have taken the course a total of four times and I must tell you that yours is by far the best, EVER.
Please thank Lex and the guys, the way they teach and explain certainly made a difference.
See you in two years
Kevin (
Kevin M Murray)

Dear Khun June,
Thanks for your co-operation, and for a well organised & enjoyable course & venue.
Please give my best regards to Khun Daeng.
I will recommend your course to my colleagues & look forward to our next association.
Kind regards,  
Jon (
Jon Jaudzems)

I enjoyed the course, the instructors were very good.
Your choice of hotel was good, very friendly staff, and good food.
See you all in 2 years. (If I don't retire)
Best regards
Ralph Scott)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all at PTTCO, for a very good week of training and hospitality. I will,
as ever, continue to recommend PTTCO to all my colleagues and friends.
Many thanks.

I believe that is better than last! Good Instructors - please thank Lex & Daeng.
I shall return again in 2 years.
Thanks to all.

Miss June,
Thank you very much. I enjoyed the course run by PTTCO and found your instructors teaching methods very
helpful and informative......it is them who helped me achieve these results !!
I will definately return for my next Well Control School in 2013.
Thankyou and kind regards,
Rhys Cadman)

Dear Ms.June,
Thanks for the results information and send my regard to both our instructor's and thank you for an excellent
presentations during the IWCF course.
Reinold (
Reinold Ulik)

Hi June,
Thank you for the confirmation and please pass on my thanks to Lex and Daeng for their help and support during the
week. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to be back in Bangkok with you guys in the future.
Once again thanks.
Richard (
Richard Hughes)

Please pass on my thanks to you and the team for the IWCF course in Pattaya, as usual the course was run very
professionally and the course instructors first class, I will pass this information on to anybody that is thinking of taking
there well control in Thailand or any of the other countries that the course is held. Thanks again.
Hope to see you all again in 2 years.
Best Regards
Steven Scanlon)

Thank you with the update. Especially you guys have excellent instructors such as  Daeng & Lex. Please send my best
regards to both of them.
Best rgds,
Amin (
Aminuddin Mohd Yusoff)

Thank you very much
Your staff and the Hotel staff was very hospitable and took very good care of us..
Thanks and Best Rgds
Ubaid Khan)   

Will be back in 2 years, and recommend your course to all
Best regards
Carl G. Pritchard)

Thanks for your efficient service and helpful staff and I'll certainly be using PTTCO for my IWCF Certification next time.
Best regards,
Norman Sutherland)

We have good benificial time of learning with your good instructors.
Ebrahim Abkar)

As i had mentioned previously the instructors did an excellent job.
Thum Nang Dee Maak)

Thank you. I enjoyed the course and genuinely enjoyed meeting you and all the staff at PTTCO.
You provide a very professional service.
Best regards.
Dave (
David James)

Thank u very much, i just made the pass this time but regards training staff cant do without them.. Your team is excellent
and I am so happy to put a face to a name and meet you. Your efforts and work are very much appreciated by myself.
Regards Scott
Scott Mcgregor)

Please pass on my thanks to all instructors, as without there excellent tuition,
I would not have been able to achieve results.
Mike Glen)